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Use Cases

Surgical Facilities, Subscribers, Product Development

Members of the VSURGIC network experience a range of applications and services

Experiential Engagement

Making it simple for medical students and trainees to shadow skilled surgeons, observe different techniques, and ask questions. Surgeons and medical professionals benefit from a powerful community of proven expertise across specialties by engaging in real-time discussions, referring to recorded surgeries, and exporting clips to fuel discourse.

Immersive Education

Capturing rare or unique situations that medical educators and researchers can use to teach, demonstrate, and evaluate skills as well as share knowledge and collaborate with peers

Quality Assurance

Increased visibility means healthcare administrators and policymakers are better equipped for decision-making, informed resource allocation, and ensuring safety and efficiency.

Practitioner Advocacy

Highly trained surgeons, surgical teams, and institutions are able to use the footage to further hone their skills, showcase their expertise, and bolster their reputation.

Product Development

Giving medical device and surgical tool companies and manufacturers a new avenue to showcase their products, receive feedback, identify areas for improvement, gather content of their products in use, improve their tradeshow booth, or broadcast their live panel discussions.

Supporting Job Functions

Providing an instrument to aid various involved professionals in accuracy and efficiency even in a pinch, such as medical device company representatives, anesthesiologists, perfusionists, biomedical engineers or technicians, risk managers, staff and scheduling managers, and infection preventionists, who are then able to get a better view without overcrowding the operating team and review footage.


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Hear more about the VSURGIC experience from our surgical facilities, subscribers, and product development users.
rating testimony
“VSURGIC’s ability to provide secure access to the entire operating room is …”

Dr. Thomas Lendvay | Urologist – Seattle, WA

rating testimony
“VSURGIC is a game changer when is comes to …”

Dr. Matthew Pifer | Orthopedic Surgeon – Santa Barbara, CA

rating testimony
“I have VSURGIC installed in two of my OR’s because I love the ability to capture….”

Dr. Patrick Denard | Orthopedic Surgeon – Medford, OR

rating testimony
“I use VSURGIC for almost all of my procedures because it helps…”

Dr. Paul Sethi | Orthopedic Surgeon – Greenwich, CT

rating testimony
“Having VSURGIC in my OR provides unparalleled access to engineers while reducing foot traffic and improving the overall efficiency of my surgery center.”

Dr. Kevin Kruse | Orthopedic Surgeon – Dallas, TX

rating testimony
“Facilities with videoconferencing capabilities in their operating rooms should work with medical device representatives and clinicians to utilize virtual support in surgical cases where remote attendance does not compromise patient safety or privacy.”

The Journal of the American Medical Association | 2020

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