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What is VSURGIC Cuts?

VSURGIC Cuts is an innovative mobile app designed for forward-thinking surgeons. It provides a full suite of tools that support surgeons in capturing, organizing, and sharing surgical procedures with precision and ease. This app integrates effortlessly into daily surgical workflows, allowing surgeons to record and highlight key moments in the operating room.

How can it help you?

VSURGIC Cuts isn’t just about improving surgical practices — it is transforming how surgical knowledge is documented and shared while also being a powerful platform for surgeons looking to build and enhance their professional reputation. By documenting and sharing your unique surgical techniques and successes, you can establish yourself as a thought leader in the field. This exposure can lead to speaking engagements, publications, and a strengthened professional network, all of which contribute to your personal brand and career advancement.

It’s all about turning your expertise into a legacy. With robust encryption and cloud technology, your work is safely preserved, allowing you to share your surgical narrative and connect with colleagues worldwide. It’s your surgical artistry, protected and poised for impact.

The VSURGIC Cuts Impact:

  • Enhanced Learning and Training: An invaluable tool for educational purposes, allowing you and your peers to review and discuss detailed surgical techniques.

  • Quality Improvement: Regularly reviewing recorded procedures helps identify areas for skill enhancement and tracks progress, encouraging continuous professional growth.

  • Research and Innovation: Securely document and share innovative techniques and breakthroughs within the surgical community, speeding up advancements in surgical methods and patient care.

A Community, A Network, A Place to Connect
With the mobile app, you can also:


Connect with pre-qualified medical and industry users on the VSURGIC network in real time during your live procedures.


Share your procedure and clip archives with colleagues.


Create personal brand content that will take you to the next level while helping others learn and grow with you!

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