Frequently Asked

Typically, the VSURGIC console is controlled by the circulating nurse. However, the console can be controlled by anyone not in the sterile field.

Approved subscribers include credible professionals within the medical and surgical industry that can offer a valid, viable, and mutually beneficial reason for joining the VSURGIC community. This could mean medical students and educational programs, researchers, relevant audiences from medical device manufacturers, healthcare administrators or policymakers, and all those whose direct job function could benefit from increased access to the surgical suite such as biomedical engineers, technicians, risk managers, anesthesiologists, scheduling managers, infection preventionists, and so on.

Even if deemed relevant to the industry and accepted as a subscriber, surgical facilities using VSURGIC still have the ultimate control over specific subscriber requests to join their live procedures. In order to determine if they would like to grant access, those in the operating room are able to view the requestors profile information detailing the subscriber’s name, occupation, associated company, email address, phone number etc. and use that information to determine access.

As long as you are a vetted and approved subscriber with permissions from the streaming facility, or are registered through one of our surgical facilities, you’ll be able to request access to live procedures through the VSURGIC platform. Access to the network is available to the same professionals that are physically present in your OR today. This may be sales associates, surgeons, medical students, hospital staff, engineers, product managers and other corporate employees. Access is completely permissions based and controlled from the OR.

VSURGIC can be used for all surgical specialties. With multiple overhead views and direct inputs from scopes and other equipment within the OR, it can be utilized for both open and arthroscopic / MIS procedures. Our current network remains largely focused on total joints, sports medicine, spine, neurosurgery, extremities, foot and ankle, vascular and plastic surgery procedures.

If there is a particular type of procedure you are interested in. Please contact us to learn more about our expansion into additional specialites.

Currently our platform only allows surgeons to review their own past procedures. We will be adding this functionality for users in the future.

VSURGIC is not a medical device. It is a communication network similar to the phone system present in the OR today. VSURGIC does not connect to EMR and is not to be relied upon to treat patients or practice medicine.

All accounts created at live.vsurgic.com need to be verified before being activated by our team. We ensure that all users on the network are part of the medical community. Please be patient as we may need to email or call you to confirm your information before activating your account. Additionally, if you create your account using a non-corporate domain (such as @google.com), it may take us more time to verify your account. We recommend using your employer or university email address when creating your account.