Bridge the Gap Between Engineering and the OR

The future of product development is here with VSURGIC Rapid Connect

What is VSURGIC Rapid Connect?

VSURGIC Rapid Connect is the bridge that connects surgeons and device companies, regardless of their geographical location.

It is a rapidly deployable system designed to allow device companies to witness their products in action, gather real-time feedback, and identify areas for enhancement. Designed to do more than just record video, VSURGIC Rapid Connect facilitates two-way real-time communication to foster a collaborative environment for companies to give their brands a powerful boost that will take their products to the next level.

How does it work?

The VSURGIC Rapid Connect system, paired with a wireless headset and multiple, high-definition (or 4K) cameras, can be temporarily installed in any operating room, providing flexibility that allows you to professionally document product launches, custom instrument requests and educational opportunities.

Beyond capturing the moment, the system securely stores all footage on the VSURGIC cloud, which allows the knowledge to be accessible by your team in the future.

It is a game-changer for the product development process. Having direct virtual access to your design teams and KOLs, reducing travel time and costs, while capturing critical surgical and product specific insights.

A New Way of Approaching Medical Device Product Development

The VSURGIC Rapid Connect system is more than a product; it is a paradigm shift in the surgical space that is set to break down barriers that are currently faced by device companies and surgeons. The flow of information in and out of the operating room is challenging and logistically inefficient.

As engineers we contemplate, “How do I get the most accurate information about how our devices are performing in the field? How can I better understand the physical and anatomical restrictions of the procedure? What other factors play a role in ensuring that we are clearly understanding the challenges of the surgeon?”

Experience the power of the connected surgical space today by contacting us to discover how VSURGIC Rapid Connect can transform your product development process and help you shape the future of surgical innovation.


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