Product Development

Resources for medical device, biologics and pharmaceutical companies


Give your brand a powerful boost

Witness your products in action, gather real-time feedback, and identify areas for enhancement as you gain a front-row seat to surgeries performed by skilled professionals. Forge strategic partnerships with leading surgeons, leveraging their expertise to fine-tune your offerings. Benefit from enhanced exposure through targeted marketing, showcasing the impact of your devices in real-world scenarios. Elevate your tradeshow presence by displaying your innovations firsthand. Or, establish a live video feed to foster increased connectivity with vital members of your team.


Simple integrations, user-friendly applications, and an easy-to-navigate interface ensure simplicity no matter the application.


We likely have installations where your products are already being used. Moreover, our platform can be accessed from any device with secure internet.


Gather feedback, engage with your key opinion leaders, accelerate your development timeline, and reduce travel with one subscription.


Video feeds are accompanied by a chat in which you can ask questions, get feedback, and get intimate professional perspectives real-time.