Your Secure Live Connection into the O.R.

Designed as a safe, secure, and reliable live video feed during surgery, our SaaS platform serves as a virtual gateway for seamless connectivity between the surgical suite and our vetted industry network.

Connecting the surgical suite today

Driving Medical Excellence Tomorrow

Experiential Engagement

Surgeons and medical professionals benefit from a powerful community of proven expertise across specialties by engaging in real-time discussions, referring to recorded surgeries, and exporting clips to fuel discourse.

Immersive Education

Medical educators and researchers gain access to rare and unique surgical situations for teaching, skill assessment, and collaboration with peers, enhancing the educational experience.

Product Development

Medical device and biologics companies can showcase their offerings, receive valuable feedback, and gather content about products in use allowing for improvements and effective marketing.

Quality Assurance

Healthcare administrators and policymakers benefit from increased visibility, aiding decision-making, resource allocation, and ensuring safety and efficiency in surgical procedures.

Our surgical partners

Esteemed practitioners and partners benefiting from VSURGIC

Our promise

Simple, Secure, Reliable.

Developed for the unique workflow of a surgical environment, VSURGIC is centered around the surgical suite while satisfying all audience needs.

Combining permanently installed, zero-footprint, high-quality cameras with an intuitive,  low-maintenance interface and a fully encrypted, HIPAA and HiTech-compliant software-powered network, there’s never been a more safe, controlled, and dependable community for sharing footage during live procedures.

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