Surgeons + Surgical Facilities

Showcase skilled surgical teams in action

Surgical Facilities

Added benefits without any additional work

Multiple, permanently installed cameras throughout the room offer a high-resolution, 360-degree view during procedures. Designed with the workflow and needs of surgical teams top-of-mind, those in the surgical suite have full control over the user experience from admitting viewers requesting to join a live procedure and connecting which users can communicate with the surgeon in real-time. The only input required is that of choice— our cameras and control console are hard-wired into the O.R. and don’t require maintenance, charging, or integration with any existing systems, nor is there any form of setup or scheduling required to capture a procedure or collaborate with colleagues.

Quick Installation

Installation only takes about 2 days, often being done over the weekend or evening to minimize downtime, and system training can be done effectively in 5 minutes.

Private + Secure

Not only are users vetted and viewership still controlled, but our software provides secure access to a fully encrypted, HIPAA and HiTech-compliant network.


Our integrated exporting tools empower surgeons to create clips of surgery for presentations and social media.

24/7 Support

Though our simple interface and low-maintenance architecture have proven to be reliable, in the event you have troubles we offer 24/7 customer support.


Showcase your expertise

Our surgeons are not only able to demonstrate their proven skills with live video feeds during operations, but they benefit from a powerful community and network of professionals. Plus, our software allows for easy access to your footage so you can easily share video clips on social media, at conferences, or with colleagues while ensuring privacy and compliance. For more information contact us below or email us at