Connected Operating
Room Installation
Unlock the Future of Surgery
On-Demand, Live, encrypted surgery access for real-time learning and innovation

What is VSURGIC's full install offering?

VSURGIC is expanding access to the surgical suite. Our system is designed to elevate your surgical suite into a cutting-edge learning and operational hub. With the full installation, your facility will gain unparalleled access to encrypted, real-time audio and video communication. This not only reduces the need for physical presence, streamlining the surgical workflow but also significantly enhances educational opportunities for all medical professionals involved.

By choosing VSURGIC, you ensure every procedure is not just performed but also captured and archived, providing a rich resource for training and continuous improvement. Experience how our technology can transform patient care and foster a more collaborative and informed surgical environment.

How does it help?

The VSURGIC COR system revolutionizes operational connectivity within healthcare facilities by offering a secure, encrypted network tailored for medical professionals.

This innovative platform not only simplifies the process of managing and distributing surgical content in compliance with HIPAA standards but also enhances educational opportunities and knowledge sharing among surgeons.

By prioritizing the collaborative aspect of medical care, VSURGIC empowers healthcare facilities to leverage global expertise, thereby elevating patient care and enriching the learning environment for future healthcare professionals.

Designed specifically for the dynamic nature of the OR the VSURGIC COR platform enables real-time, two-way audio and video communication, significantly minimizing the need for physical presence of engineers, residents, and students streamlining the surgical process while setting a new standard for operational efficiency and educational excellence in your facility.

The Future of OR Connectivity

Members of the VSURGIC network experience a range of benefits from their installations:

What the install includes:

We are very impressed with how easy VSURGIC is to use. All of our staff were trained within minutes

– HCA Facility

The low cost of VSURGIC makes this an easy decision.

– Hospital Administrator​

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