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What is VSURGIC Cuts?

A revolutionary mobile app designed specifically for surgeons. VSURGIC Cuts allows surgeons to capture, organize and share their procedures.

How can it help you?

VSURGIC Cuts empowers you, as a surgeon, to effortlessly document your surgical journey through audio and video, all while ensuring HIPAA compliance. Forget the clutter of personal photos for professional sharing; now, your procedures and insights have a dedicated, secure stage.

This app isn’t just about storage—it’s about turning your expertise into a legacy. With robust encryption and cloud technology, your work is safely preserved, allowing you to share your surgical narrative and connect with colleagues worldwide. It’s your surgical artistry, protected and poised for impact.

surgeons using Vsurgic Cuts in the OR

What's the value of a secure archive of your surgical procedures?

For surgeons keen on enhancing their personal brand and professional development, VSURGIC Cuts offers more than just a secure vault for your procedural content. It transforms your procedures into a showcase of your expertise, elevating your personal brand among peers and shaping the future of surgery.

It’s about building your legacy and influencing the surgical community, one shared insight at a time.

A Community, A Network, A Place to Connect

With the mobile app, you can also:


Connect with pre-qualified medical and industry users on the VSURGIC network in real time during your live procedures.


Share your procedure and clip archives with colleagues.


Create personal brand content that will take you to the next level while helping others learn and grow with you!

Your expertise deserves the main stage. With VSURGIC Cuts, you can elevate your personal brand and showcase your expertise.

It's time to step into the spotlight and craft your legacy

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